An Update on My 2018 Game Making Plans

There’s only a couple of days left in February, so we’re a bit into 2018 and I think that’s a good time to reflect on my plans for the year. I’d rather do this sort of thing a bit into the year when I’ve had enough time for the plans to settle and really feel confident about.

So, here’s the plans.


This is my “big” plan for the year. BIRD COP is my ambitious-but-doable goal to build a complete and full commercial ready game. I’ve been working on the prototype, and development has been going great. I’m wrapping up some bits of the engine before the month ends and then its on to building out Level 1 content as a demo during March.

BIRD COP: He’s 100% bird and ALL cop.

There’s going to be more about BIRD COP very soon, once the artwork starts getting put on top of the engine for the demo / first level of the game!


Part of BIRD COP is a new approach I have to my tool set and I plan to write more about it soon. This is the engine, code name “Lunar”, that I’m building BIRD COP on top of.

I’ve got a few years of Unity under my belt, but I’ve also really enjoyed the recent projects I’ve done with Lua and the LOVE framework. After struggling to balance the pros and cons between the two, I realized i had a way to get the best of both worlds by embedding Lua into Unity and building out a simplified API, like LOVE.

Lunar is letting me separate “game” code and “engine” code, and that’s helping me focus a lot. This isn’t something I plan to release or anything, its just for me, but I do want to write about the approach and share how its worked out. I expect a few blog posts coming about the work on that part of the project!


I don’t think I’ll give up LOVE entirely. For prototypes and game jams there isn’t much chance that I’ll stop using it. So, don’t worry, the Learning to LOVE series will continue. It can take a good number of hours to write extensive lessons, so they won’t come often, but there will be more.

The next installation is on the way.

Stonebird Games

If you don’t know, my “professional” label for game making is Stonebird Games. Separating myself and this label hasn’t been always clear or easy, so I’ve struggled with that, but I want to have a good name to promote projects like BIRD COP under, so I think Stonebird will see some changes coming soon.

Toys and experiments are cluttering the Stonebird shelves. The games on the current page, or most of them, will be moving to my personal itch page. I’ll probably connect them, but I’m going to make some logical separation between games “ironfroggy” makes and games “Stonebird” makes.

The mobile games I’ve made under the Stonebird game will probably stay.

Potential Mysterious Project

I’ve been toying with ideas for a non-development project on the side, centered around games and/or game making. There are different ways this could manifest, but I’m not sure where its going yet. I’ll be making noise if anything materializes.

Anyway, that’s my rough plans for 2018 and making games. Keep me honest and yell at me if I don’t keep to it, okay?

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