I’m Tired of Being Tolerant

There’s a common complaint from conservatives these days trying to turn the fights for tolerance in their favor. The right, they say, is “oppressed” when liberal universities support liberal and leftist ideas, but shut down conservative students. There’s no evidence this actually happens, of course.


I’m Tired of Being Tolerant.


I don’t care if you’re feelings get hurt when people call out your shit for spouting “one man / one woman” nonsense. There isn’t an ounce of patience in a single bone in my body for white boys scared to lose a culture we stitched together from fragments we plundered the world for. If you try to stand up and claim you’re ideas are being persecuted just because you don’t want trans women to piss in peace, then I’d sooner shove you onto the ground in disgust than listen to a single more word.


You are not worth my time.


You are not worth my ears.


You are not worth membership in society.


Liberal ideology has always espoused “tolerance” and I’m fucking tired of it. The underfoot don’t need tolerance, they need acceptance and support and lifted up. If all you can offer a gay man is tolerating his existence your support might as well be meaningless. If you’re just progressive enough not to say the racist shit in your head, you’re still a fucking racist. If you want women and minorities and queers in the workplace but wrinkle you nose at actually trying to be diverse in our hiring, then you should get kicked out the front door. You don’t belong at your job, in your community, or in this country.


We’re not going to keep being a place that tolerates those who can only tolerate. Step the fuck up, or step the fuck out.