A Fond Farewell to the Lost Decades Podcast

How long have I been listening to the Lost Decade Podcast? Three years? Maybe five years? Listening to Geoff and Matt talk about their exploration of game development and the business and life around it has been a part of my every week.

I honestly can’t remember a pair of game developer icons that I more deeply identify with.

Recently, they announced that Lostcast is coming to an end after all these years and the last episode has been published, now. I haven’t brought myself to listen to that final episode. Maybe I’m holding on to the feeling of looking forward to it just a little long.

So, I want to say a deep and heartfelt thank you to both of, Geoff and Matt. The podcast has made me feel like I really am a part of the game development community. If I can identify with two great indie developers as much as I do with the Lost Decade pair, then I can feel much less out of place. The technical topics are always thought provoking. The personal touches are always endearing. Hearing about the gaming community through their developer lenses is always great. Lostcast is just… great.

Thanks, Lostcast, for everything. Thanks and farewell.

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